Witness Says Police Knew It Was a Pellet Gun When They Killed Jose Garza


A new eyewitness testimony about the police killing of Jose Walter Garza in Laredo, Texas, is turning the official story about what happened on its head.

Local journalist Hector Cubillos interviewed Gateway Truck Stop CFO Victor Treviño who said that cops knew well in advance of pulling the trigger that Garza was unarmed, holding only a toy pellet gun.

“When the police arrived, my gate guard informed the police that it was a BB gun,” the security guard had told the police, he explained, “not to take it as a real gun. It was a BB gun. He told several of the officers,” according to Treviño.

Watch the video of the incident in the video below and read a full report from Counter Current News: “Texas Police ‘Fist Bump’ After Firing 80 Rounds Into Man With BB Gun

“There’s a dead person in front of them. That’s somebody’s brother, somebody’s son. I think that’s where the community became outraged,” Treviño said during the interview.

Treviño is a practicing attorney, and says he was surprised by the Police Department’s eagerness to use lethal force when they clearly didn’t have to. “There were probably over 20 squad cars here,” he said.

“That fist bump was clearly unprofessional.. an issue for internal affairs to deal with it,” he continued, adding that this sort of behavior “destroys their entire credibility.”

(Article by Jackson Marciana and Zeidy David; h/t to PanamPost)

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