Grand Jury Clears Two Texas Cops Who Beat African American Woman Over An Unpaid Traffic Ticket


A grand jury has decided that two former Jasper, Texas police officers are not going to face criminal charges for the brutal beating of an African American woman who was in police custody.

The Beaumont Enterprise explained that a grand jury cleared officers Ricky Grissom and Ryan Cunningham, for beating Keyarika Diggles inside the Jasper City Jail.

It was all caught on video by overhead cameras which recorded the officers grabbing Diggles by the hair, and slamming her face on the counter, then pinning her down on the floor.

Finally, they dragged her by her feet into a holding cell.

Watch the damning video below…

Cunningham and Grissom had arrested Diggles that morning. It was all over an unpaid traffic ticket.

But here’s the thing: she actually had payments set up for the ticket, but she still owed $100 on it.

A civil rights lawsuit was settled against the city last December for $75,000, but this should not have let the officers off the hook. Almost a year ago now, Jasper’s city council voted to fire Cunningham and Grissom. But many believed that they would still be indicted by the grand jury investigating their crimes against Diggles…

In spite of the clear admission by the Police Department that this was a civil rights violation, and even though they settled with the victim, the grand jury still refused to indict.

Is there anything that cops can do to get indicted anymore?


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