Eric Garner’s Children Break Their Silence: ‘They Treated Him Like An Animal’


Two of Eric Garner’s children finally broke their silence recently in an interview with Katie Couric. They spoke about the controversial decision by a New York grand jury to allow the police officer who killed their father to walk…

“I was disappointed,” Erica Garner said.

“You’ve seen him die on national TV just like everybody else. Why?”

Her brother added, “I have to be totally honest with you, Katie. I didn’t know Ray Kelly would be here [on set]. I don’t feel safe now,” Bell added, saying that he is now terrified of the police.

Kelly added that: “The unfortunate reality is there is a fair amount of crime in communities of color that police respond to. Some of those interactions are negative.”

Watch the full interview in the video below:

(Article by Jackson Marciana and Zeidy David)

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